Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow - I'm Not A Fan.

Here in this region, snow is a rare occurence. Possibly seen once a year, and even then generally a light dusting, compared to what other parts of the country are accustomed to. But 'round here, the very mention of snow is cause for wide-spread panic. Why I don't know... Reckon it's from our lack of preparedness for such weather.

But anywhoo, I'm not a fan of snow. At the very least, it's cold. And cold is a source of misery for me. It causes pipes to freeze, brings down power lines, keeps you from getting to and from work. And at it's worst it causes wrecks. It can be fatal. Yes, it looks pretty from inside or on a lovely postcard, and the children love to get out and play in it and build little snowmen and forts...but looks aren't everything, and oh, how those looks can be deceiving.

On a lighter note, though, I do get the biggest kick out of watching folks running helter skelter to the store for bread and milk. Like that is all they would need for sustenance, if say we had another Blizzard of '93 (God forbid). How about water, blankets, candles, peanut butter and crackers, canned goods, or even sandwich meat to go with that bread and cereal to go with that milk? No, when you're talking panic, all source of reason leaves the brain.

Can't you just picture all of those Yankees? Folks in NYC, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc... They probably get the biggest kick out of watching us lose our minds over a mere 1 inch of snow. Most likely sitting around their TV's watching it as we would a football game or movie. Drinks and bowl of popcorn in hand.

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