Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow - I'm Not A Fan.

Here in this region, snow is a rare occurence. Possibly seen once a year, and even then generally a light dusting, compared to what other parts of the country are accustomed to. But 'round here, the very mention of snow is cause for wide-spread panic. Why I don't know... Reckon it's from our lack of preparedness for such weather.

But anywhoo, I'm not a fan of snow. At the very least, it's cold. And cold is a source of misery for me. It causes pipes to freeze, brings down power lines, keeps you from getting to and from work. And at it's worst it causes wrecks. It can be fatal. Yes, it looks pretty from inside or on a lovely postcard, and the children love to get out and play in it and build little snowmen and forts...but looks aren't everything, and oh, how those looks can be deceiving.

On a lighter note, though, I do get the biggest kick out of watching folks running helter skelter to the store for bread and milk. Like that is all they would need for sustenance, if say we had another Blizzard of '93 (God forbid). How about water, blankets, candles, peanut butter and crackers, canned goods, or even sandwich meat to go with that bread and cereal to go with that milk? No, when you're talking panic, all source of reason leaves the brain.

Can't you just picture all of those Yankees? Folks in NYC, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc... They probably get the biggest kick out of watching us lose our minds over a mere 1 inch of snow. Most likely sitting around their TV's watching it as we would a football game or movie. Drinks and bowl of popcorn in hand.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Under the Weather

     So I've not been feeling up to par these last few weeks, cold season ya know. And here in the great state of Alabama, where the weather can (and will) change at the drop of a hat, there are lots of colds going around. The constant climate change is dealing me, and everyone else prone to sinus issues, absolute fits.
     This has also been accompanied by loss of voice... I think this is the kicker. Anyone who knows me, knows I do so enjoy conversing. Not a Chatty Cathy by any means, but neither am I a quiet mouse. And when your Customer Service job requires that you are on the phone from 8:00 to 4:30 everyday, well, it's just a very bad combination.
A few things are helping me survive this bout of illness:
  • Ricola Cough Drops. Whoever invented these should have blessings heaped upon their head... and their children's head. And also of their children's children. People, these drops are good. I mean GOOD. I even keep a stash (ok, hoard) with me and eat them when I'm not ill.
  • Coffee. They say to drink plenty of liquids when you are sick, and while quite sure they didn't intend on it being a cup of good hot java... There's something to be said for that hot black liquid pouring down your irritated throat.
  • Hot Chocolate. For the same reasons explained above... But this is Chocolate. 'Nuff said.
  • Goody's Powders. Headaches, they come with the territory. And if Goody's can't take that pain out, you're up the creek.
"Why don't you go to the Dr?", you might ask. Well even the thought sends me into panic. The thought is abhorrent. I like doctors even less than the drugs they prescribe. BUT if this illness doesnt let up soon and very soon, that may just be where this poor girl is headed. Pray for me y'all.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paisley - It's A Good Thing!

Paisley. Paisley, paisley, paisley! Don'tcha just love the way it sounds? I do. But what's even BETTER about it is the way it looks. Paisley can be cute, psychadelic, country, intricate, simple...and it looks good on pert' near ever'thang.

  • Accessories, for one...like this pretty scarf. Even though I do not wear scarfs... But. If I did.              
Pinned Image
  • Cakes, for another.
Image Detail
  • Bedding.
Pinned Image
  • Art.
Pinned Image

  • Dishes! These make me smile. ( :
Pinned Image
  • Clothes. 
  • Guitars (one of my favorite uses of the design).
Image Detail
  • Shoes
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  • Brad Paisley
 Pinned Image
    Oh, c'mon now! You didn't REALLY think I would leave Brad out, did you??

Friday, January 13, 2012

"All I Want Is To Have My Peace Of Mind"


   Organizing. Boy, this one's a challenge. This is one of the things that I listed in my 2012 Resolutions post. Now it's never really been one of my strong points. I mean, I've always loved organizing, but keeping it that way? Well, that's another story. Thanks to Pinterest (you'll probably see me refer this site a lot in future posts), I have found many inspiring ideas...but MOST of all, thanks to wonderful mother! She has been behind me to get together my not-so-clutter-free life for quite some time.
   But it's, nonetheless, somethin' I gotta work on. It affects my whole life. I am almost 21. It's time to act like it. It's time to grow up. Besides, I don't like the feeling that comes with being UNorganized...
  • Messy rooms. (Please, do yourself a favor and just don't look in my closet...at least until I get this area of my life down.)
  • Missing breakfast 'cause I'm late for work.
  • Piles of stuff in the floorboards of my car 'cause I was in a rush and so I just flung my things to the back with a let-it-land-where-it-may attitude.
  • Wondering where my day went.
   There are, though, so many very nice things about actually being organized, like...
  • Full night's restful sleep (this, right here, can affect pretty much EVERYTHING).
  • Money in my savings account.
  • Order to my life.
   and last...but definately not least...

  •     Peace of mind! (insert Boston's chorus)
   Y'all with me on this?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go West...Young Woman!

So...there's this trend...and it's been going around for quite a while now. I'm a fan. Actually, obsessed might be a better word for me. It's the whole Western/Country look. You know, boots, feathers, western-style button-downs, rawhide, fringes...etc., etc., etc.

Pinned Image
Rough, tough...and sexy. I'll take the whole look. Thank you.

Pinned Image
Not quite so tough; a little more fun...but, nevertheless, still quite stylish.

Pinned Image
Rawhide skirt with fringes? Please.

 Pinned Image
I mean, no, the wedding dress probably wouldn't be appropriate (unless of course you're getting married. ha.) but the idea...is oh-so-sassy. I like a lil' bit o' sass to my outfits. And the hair...I want Miranda's hair.

Pinned Image
I like this for the photography as much as the fashion. The ruggedness, the tones, the composition.

Now are you startin' to grasp why I'm quite hooked on the whole Cowgirl theme?

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012. It's Here.

     2012. It's been here for over a week already. Actually, it's kind of terrifying to think of how Time seems to be going by faster and faster.
     But anyway, the New Year is here. And here is a list of a few of my resolutions (some big, some small):

  • Take more pictures. This is an area I used to be quite good at. My excuse? I got lazy. :/ Which brings us to my NEXT resolution... 
  • STOP being lazy. Not to say that I'm a couch potato...but there are other ways of being lazy than just lying around all day and watching TV and eating chips. Say, procrastinating? Umm...yeah. Moving right along...
  • Reach my goal weight! I have been on this road of exercise and healthier eating for about a year. 25 lbs. down, 15 more to go!
  • Be slower to speak. Generally it's my mouth that gets me in trouble. Whether it's something that's hurtful, something stupid, or just plain ol' unneccessary. "Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues." - Proverbs 17:28
  • Stop being so critical. Of myself and others. None of us are perfect; we can only be the best we can be.
  • Get outside more. I spend entirely too much time indoors...at the computer...like I'm doing right now. Ha. 
  • Save $4,000. Yes, it sounds tough. But it can be done. I have before, and I will again. It takes discipline. Lots of it.
  • Develop a better relationship with my family. Most folks I know would look at me and my family and say that we are really close. And we are. But there are still lots of places where I can do better. 
  • Witness to people. Whether it's winning people to Christ or just planting a seed. This is what we, as Christians are called to do. And I am ashamed to say that I haven't done this... In my actions, yes, I have. But with my mouth? No. This MUST change.
  • Grow. Spiritually. Saying that I am lacking in this area of my life would be an understatement. Whether it's reading the Bible, praying, or just being obedient to the Will of God. This is the most important resolution. I must change.
Ok, there's my list. Pretty lengthy, huh? And believe me there are plenty more. Those are just the biggies. So...what are some your Resolutions?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Who I Am

   I'm so very glad you stumbled onto my blog! Please, stay, sit a spell. Maybe you notice we have a lot in common... But let me introduce myself, my name is Bethany. Southern thru and thru, and very much country. The simple life is what suits me best. I love visiting town with all it's hustle and bustle, but when it comes right down to it...I want to live in the country. Back roads, horses, fresh cut hay, old screen doors, friendly people that'll wave as you pass them on the road whether you know each other or not... Also cooking, fashion, photography, health, ideas, funnies, and random thoughts are some of the things you might expect to see here at Heart of Dixie.