Friday, January 13, 2012

"All I Want Is To Have My Peace Of Mind"


   Organizing. Boy, this one's a challenge. This is one of the things that I listed in my 2012 Resolutions post. Now it's never really been one of my strong points. I mean, I've always loved organizing, but keeping it that way? Well, that's another story. Thanks to Pinterest (you'll probably see me refer this site a lot in future posts), I have found many inspiring ideas...but MOST of all, thanks to wonderful mother! She has been behind me to get together my not-so-clutter-free life for quite some time.
   But it's, nonetheless, somethin' I gotta work on. It affects my whole life. I am almost 21. It's time to act like it. It's time to grow up. Besides, I don't like the feeling that comes with being UNorganized...
  • Messy rooms. (Please, do yourself a favor and just don't look in my least until I get this area of my life down.)
  • Missing breakfast 'cause I'm late for work.
  • Piles of stuff in the floorboards of my car 'cause I was in a rush and so I just flung my things to the back with a let-it-land-where-it-may attitude.
  • Wondering where my day went.
   There are, though, so many very nice things about actually being organized, like...
  • Full night's restful sleep (this, right here, can affect pretty much EVERYTHING).
  • Money in my savings account.
  • Order to my life.
   and last...but definately not least...

  •     Peace of mind! (insert Boston's chorus)
   Y'all with me on this?

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