Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Who I Am

   I'm so very glad you stumbled onto my blog! Please, stay, sit a spell. Maybe you notice we have a lot in common... But let me introduce myself, my name is Bethany. Southern thru and thru, and very much country. The simple life is what suits me best. I love visiting town with all it's hustle and bustle, but when it comes right down to it...I want to live in the country. Back roads, horses, fresh cut hay, old screen doors, friendly people that'll wave as you pass them on the road whether you know each other or not... Also cooking, fashion, photography, health, ideas, funnies, and random thoughts are some of the things you might expect to see here at Heart of Dixie.


  1. Bethany....older sister of Chimagne who I've missed and not talked to for ages!?!?! YAY!!!! I'm so happy to see you here!

  2. Hey Emm!! How have you been doing girl? Yeah, I'm going to *attempt* to blog...not quite sure I know what I'm doing! haha

  3. Ehh, you seem to be off to a pretty good start! I secretly want to do a "lifestyle" blog someday myself, but I'm just too busy right now.